Volunteers are vital to the success of the MedWAR Race. We are grateful for each and every person who volunteers. Volunteers have a variety of roles including running challenges, judging scenarios, giving directions or gear to racers, checking safety gear, tracking teams, and taking photos. We strive to move volunteers around so they can have a variety of interactions during the race. 

Volunteers will receive an exclusive MedWAR NW 2019 T-shirt, food throughout their volunteer time, and are invited to the post-race celebration dinner. Please also join us for camping before and after the race!

Volunteer shirts can only be guaranteed for registrants prior to April 25th.

Thank you for registering to volunteer! Click the button below for our official volunteer packet with all of the key information for the race. Please review this or download it prior to arriving since we’ll only have so many hard copies and cell service is minimal or lacking in most of the park. Details of the course and stations will be disclosed during the volunteer briefing Saturday morning just prior to the race. See you then!