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Race weekend Schedule

Friday May 10, 2019

19:00 Check-in & camping

Saturday May 11, 2019

06:30-08:30 Racer Check-in (continued)

08:45 Safety Presentation

09:15 Team Captain's meeting

10:00-18:00 Race!

18:00 Post-race dinner, awards, and celebration

Required Gear List

You will need to show all required gear at check-in and carry all equipment during the entire race. This is an unsupported race, meaning teams are not allowed to have support crews assist them. You will get wet. You will get dirty. All your gear and clothing will get wet and probably muddy. We are not responsible for ruined books, electronics, or other gear. We race rain or shine. Please plan accordingly. Refer to the racer packet for more specifics and recommendations.

Required Team Equipment:

  1. Orienteering compass and UTM grid square.

  2. Ink pen.

  3. Fire starting supplies e.g. matches, flint.

  4. CPR face mask.

  5. Water detoxification method.

  6. Waterproofing method for map and passbook.

  7. Wilderness medical and survival kit.

Required Individual Equipment:

  1. Dry change of clothes and rain gear.

  2. Whistle.

  3. Light source with extra batteries.

  4. Food, water, and the ability to carry 2 liters.

  5. Leather work or belay gloves.

  6. A sense of adventure.


Foot race with medical and terrain-dictated wilderness challenges.


MedWAR teaches and tests wilderness medicine knowledge and skills. We welcome everyone. There are no training or knowledge requirements to race. If you don't know something, you can learn by racing. 

Click here to visit for the full curriculum list. MedWAR Racers should be prepared to manage and deal with any of these items.

Racer Packet

The details of this event included in this packet are very important. Your participation requires that you’ve understood and agreed to the content within.

Click the button below for the MedWAR NW 2019 Racer Packet.