Every year generous sponsors from around the region and country support us in our on-going mission to promote outdoor safety through wilderness medical education to our aspiring advanced providers, and to make this event extremely special for all of these exceptionally hard working individuals. This list is ever-growing and will be updated as we go along. If you’re interested in sponsoring or donating to our event in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact form. Thank you!

Meet last year’s sponsors for NWMC3!

Remote Medical International® (RMI) was founded in 2003 in Seattle, WA. RMI has grown from a small company focused on training, medical equipment, and supplies to a multimillion dollar company operating globally to include medical support services for remote environments worldwide. RMI is one of PNWM’s principle sponsors since the inception of the Northwest Wilderness Medicine Conference. We are proud to have their generous support and presence year to year.

BTG plc is a global healthcare company focused on bringing to market innovative products in specialist areas of medicine to better serve doctors and patients.. BTG’s pharmaceuticals focuses on antidote products that are used in hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. The products typically address conditions with small patient populations for which there are limited or no existing treatment options. We provide antidotes to counteract certain snake venoms and the toxicity associated with some heart and cancer medications.

CroFab® Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine) is a sheep-derived antivenin indicated for the management of adult and pediatric patients with North American crotalid envenomation. The term crotalid is used to describe the Crotalinae subfamily (formerly known as Crotalidae) of venomous snakes which includes rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouths/water moccasins.

The Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) is a collaborative effort between the US Forest Service Northwest Avalanche Center and the non-profit Northwest Avalanche Center, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of NWAC is to save lives and reduce the impacts of avalanches on recreation, industry and transportation in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington and northern Oregon through mountain weather and avalanche forecasting, data collection and education.

Arc'teryx was founded by single-minded climbers in need of better equipment, to meet the challenges of our harsh Coast Mountain range. Products are designed through a process: prototype, test, revise, driven by the specific needs of each product. Arc’teryx Portland, located at 605 NW 23rd Ave, has a curated selection of relevant designs for urban and active life. Visit the space to learn more, ask questions and as a portal for global adventure ideas and information. They also host clinics, events and product knowledge sessions at the store.

Hydralyte first launched in Australia in 2001, and went global in 2010 with a wide range of products with the goal of providing a clinical hydration product people would want to use – not only when moderately dehydrated from the stomach flu, but during all of those other, frequent moments in our daily lives when hydration really matters. Working out in the heat, long-haul flights, over-indulging the night before… there are countless occasions when a real, clinical hydration solution makes all the difference.

A very special thank you to our regional mountain rescue teams for their extra time to bring resources and personnel to our workshops and scenarios this year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to these teams if interested in learning more about mountain rescue, and visit MRA.org for more about the national affiliating organization.